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SOTW, Portuguese TTiD

April 18, 2014 in Sotw

This weeks SOTW comes from Joao Paulo Fortuna who lives in Portugal

I am from the island of Sao Miguel Azores Portugal. This is my 9-3 1.9TTID 180hp my09. It just got it remapped to 210hp with maptun. I also upgraded to 18″ wheels from AXE wheels and got Michelin Pilot Sport 3′s mounted on them. I also upgraded front brakes to turbo groove discs and redstuff brake shoes from EBC brakes. Hope I get on saabsunited.com!

Thank you Joao, you are most welcome.

Larger photos can be seen at https://www.flickr.com/photos/trollpowersaab/sets/72157626596402165

SAABs in Motorsport 2014

April 18, 2014 in News


Photo: Team Per Eklund Motorsport

In the last two weeks, agreements have become clear that means we will see SAABs in two different motorsport championships.

The first announcement came early in April, then it become clear that the Swedish driver Ramona Karlsson will be driving for Team Per Eklund Motorsport in this years FIA World Rallycross Champrionship (World RX). THis is the first female driver in the Supercar class, and at this moment it’s decided that she will drive 7 of 12 rounds. She will of course be at the start line in Höljes (Sweden) the first weekend in July, and the work is in progress for that she maybe can drive more then the 7 rounds that already decided. Henning Solberg from Norway is the secound driver in Team Per Eklund Motorsport.

The Supercar class is the most extreme class in Rallycross, cars have a 1.6- or a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine with around 600hp. All engines that the original vehicle manufacturer has delivered in the actual model can be used as a base for building a supercar-engine, there is no standard engine in this class that everyone has to use. The car goes from 0-100 in around 2 seconds, and of course they have all-wheel drive and a sequential manual gearbox. Every car in the 2.0-litre class have to at least weight 1320kg including the driver.

Daniel Haglöf, STCC Göteborg 20130629

Photo: PWR Racing Team

This week it also become clear that NEVS initiates collaboration with PWR Racing Team in the STCC (Swedish Touring Car Championship). In a press release the team manager at PWR, Daniel Haglöf, says “- I am absolutely delighted that we have been chosen to run the 9-3 and represent Nevs in STCC. We both have a vision for collaboration and a shared vision of what we expect in the season.” The other owner of PWR Racing Team, Peter “Poker” Wallenberg jr, is also enthusiastic about this; “- Both Nevs and PWR are young company and we now want to help each other grow.”

Presentation of who’s going to drive the cars will be later in April.
“- It is an interesting driver line-up, this much I can say, and one of the reasons why we want to be involved in this venture, says Jonas Hernqvist, sales and marketing director at NEVS.”



Personally I think it’s exciting that NEVS choose to corporate with a motorsport team, but probably we can’t expect it to be like the time with the factory-team (where Per Eklund had great success in the 70′s), but a cooperation is good, and obviously a great way for NEVS to show up.

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Mile High Club Revisited

April 18, 2014 in Fan Stuff

Back in June 2012 I posted an article http://www.saabsunited.com/2012/06/the-high-mile-club.html from Paul at Saab vs. Scepticism and many of you contacted him with your high miler Saabs.

This week he had an email from a gent here in the UK who had just turned 333,333 miles in his Saab 900S. The other great thing about this story is that those miles have all been done by the same owner from new.

Saab 900 S Front

Please visit Pauls site for the bigger story.http://elevencreative.wordpress.com/2014/04/17/333333-miles-one-happy-owner/


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Maptun: Easter discount, all tuning software 25% discount

April 17, 2014 in MapTun

Maptun logoAs an Easter special, Maptun has reduced the prices of their tuning software by 25% until Monday night 23:59 UTC+2.

Check it out: maptun.com, maptun.se

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900 Classic Wooden Gear Knobs

April 17, 2014 in RBM Performance

Many of you will remember that Saab once produced a great wooden gear knob as an accessory for the 900 Classic. Romain, from RBM Performance, has got together with a local manufacture to produce a couple of versions of this great and wanted product.

“Many of SAAB 900 classic owners were asking for WALNUT / WOOD gearknob. This accessorie is no more available from saab. We at RBM performance decided to produce this part again with the help of a quality wood part automaker.You ‘ll now find this very high quality wood gearknob on our webshop in two types of walnut : dark one ou light one. This part is exclusively available from rbmperformance.com
the light version:
the darker one:
We also provide the genuine saab NARDI wood steering wheel as seen on last picture:

best regards

R. Mariani
RBM Performance


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NEVS creates deals with 20 Dealers in Sweden to sell Saab cars

April 15, 2014 in NEVS

927828f15d7baff1_orgToday a number of cars were shipped from Trollhättan to dealers around Sweden who will act as representatives for NEVS. Each dealer will get a car or two and can act as a representative for NEVS, its not a full dealership status but they do earn some money by selling a car for NEVS. Basically they are managing the sales process on a local level. This was done a week earlier than planned since NEVS received its type-approval and quality approval for the factory ahead of schedule.

So within a week or two you can visit a dealer from the very north to the south of Sweden to test drive and buy a 9-3. Mattias Bergman also told TV 4 Väst that more colors will be added and models will be added gradually.

Previously Mattias stated that Combi and X will be added in the 2′nd half of 2014. The Convertible will come later on.

Some suppliers are still in the process of gearing up and once they have been able to do so the production rate will also increase.

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Nevs and Orio AB sign agreement on global spare parts supply for the new Saab cars

April 15, 2014 in NEVS, Press Releasse, SAAB Parts

National Electric Sweden AB, Nevs, has ensured the spare parts supply for the newly manufactured Saab cars by an agreement with Orio AB, former Saab Automobile Parts AB.

The signed agreement now ensures the supply of spare parts for the new Saab customers. The global distribution agreement guarantees that spare parts for the new Saab 9-3 cars manufactured by Nevs in Trollhättan, Sweden, can also be ordered from Orio AB. For service and repairs as well as warranty measures, Nevs guides its customers to the existing Saab Service Centers.

“Our new Saab customers can now be confident that the long term supply of spare parts is ensured through established Saab service centers. Both Orio AB and Nevs are glad to forge closer ties between the two companies, as our agreement gives all Saab owners a high service level”, said Jonas Hernqvist, Director Sales and Marketing of Nevs.

On December 2nd Orio and NEVS signed a letter of intent now they have signed the final agreement which is good for new and old Saab drivers. New drivers get access to a network of well educated Saab garages and mechanics, and old Saab drivers have now the certainty that Orio is here to stay and will have some more weight when asking a supplier to produce some spares for older Saab cars.

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Saab Parts Offers Direct Assistance to Owners

April 14, 2014 in News

• Saab Parts UK launches “click to chat” facility on their website
• Customers are conveniently connected to friendly, knowledgeable UK based advisors
• Owners are provided with an instant response to their query
• Click to chat brings owners and Saab Parts closer together

Swedes have long since integrated IT into their modern lives, regularly topping country tables in terms of internet usage per head of population. Given the vast geography of the country, new technology is enabling people to keep in ever closer contact with their friends, family and favourite brands.
Like many leading companies in their field, Saab Parts UK has now introduced a “click to chat” facility for any UK owners visiting their website. Selected via a “pop up box” at the bottom right of the homepage, you are instantly connected to a courteous and knowledgeable advisor, based in the UK, who can help answer your query quickly and save you time navigating around the website.
Announcing the new initiative, David Leighton, Sales and Marketing Manager said “click to chat is a great new way of helping Saab owners in a convenient, time saving way. Sometimes navigating a web-site can be a frustrating experience, especially if you are only searching for one item of information. Through Saab’s ‘click to chat’ facility you are instantly connected to an advisor, who can help you answer your query on the spot, or shortly afterwards via a fully tracked follow-up.”
“In the first few days of going live, click to chat has already made a noticeable difference, resulting in a number of new service club members being registered, various service and repair bookings being confirmed, plus an extended vehicle warranty sale being completed”, continued David Leighton. “In providing “click to chat” we are helping add a personal dimension to our website, putting owners in live, direct contact with us, and reinforcing the continuity of Saab with quality aftersales care.”
To see the comprehensive range of Saab fixed price service and repairs or ask a question directly to Saab Parts at a convenient point to you simply visit the Saab Parts UK homepage www.saabparts.com/en-gb/uk .

For further information please contact:
Saab Parts UK
Unit 40, Innovation Centre
University Way
MK43 0TB
Tel: 01234 756800
e-mail: customercare@parts.saab.com

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9-3N Navigation System (First official Information?) (UPDATE!!)

April 14, 2014 in Rumors

What about some good rumours to start the week?

We at SaabsUnited have already made two posts about the “In-car entertainment system” of the face lifted 9-3. The first was about the rumours that pointed to the Parrot Asteroid as being the chosen system, and the second was about the interior pictures of the Chinese version of www.saabcars.com showing a big display instead of the “old” GM Radio.

Today, after checking www.saabcars.com in the three languages available, I felt like having good news and not so good news (for most of you) to tell you.

I will begin with the not so good news. As expected China is the second country where NEVS is asking people for their interest on the car, very much what they did in Sweden a couple of months ago, but this time they are not trying to sell the car online. There is still hope that after the presentation of the facelift (Beijing Autoshow April 20th maybe) we will slowly learn about other countries where that car will be offered, but we have to wait till then.

The good news, or interesting news, is derived from the former.
Read the rest of this entry →

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Maptun Meet 2014: The Most Powerful event of 2014

April 13, 2014 in Maptun Meet 2014

Maptun red carMaptun Meet 2014 is something very different from previous years, first of all MAPTUN has teamed up with SAABSUNITED but it doesn’t stop there. Rather than making just a power-meet, a large amount of partners have also been invited and we’re very happy that NEVS together with ORIO and CardYourCar is showing up in force!

More partners are working on their plans for the 29th and we’ll announce them as soon as we get a confirmation! =)



As usual the meet will include a car show, large sale of parts and introduction of brand new products and at least one of the new launches is something that is somewhat of a revolution within the tuning world!

Stay tuned for more information coming soon!

To register your car for the exhibition, visit: http://www.maptun.com/maptunmeet2014

The ‘Impossible’ made Possible – Unique Saabs road legal in Sweden

April 12, 2014 in News


READY FOR TAKEOFF! Michel Annink 1.6t Aero, Markus Lafrentz 2.0T Aero XWD and Jörgen Carlsson Vector TTiD4.
Picture: Saab Car Museum


The Saab enthusiast Jögen Carlsson from Bor (a small town in Sweden, Småland), bought his NG9-5 SportCombi Vector TTiD4 on the KVD auction in December the 16th, 2012. The 10th of April 2014 turned out to be a day full of joy, the wagon passed the car registration and is now road legal in Sweden, nearly 16 months after the purchase. Markus Lafrentz and Michèl Annink was present with their SportCombi’s to support Jörgen Carlsson during the registration of his Vector.


Jörgen Carlsson was relieved when he received the written evidence that his unique Saab is now road legal. But the journey has been anything but easy. After the Saab enthusiasts Jörgen Carlsson and Michel Annink acquired their dream cars, the nightmare began to get their vehicles road legal. They both realized that it would be hard to get the cars registered since they never got the chance to get a so-called whole-vehicle approval before Saabs bankruptcy  Despite the positive attitude to the text ‘Sold At Bankruptcy Auction 2012 SAAB Collectible. Not allowed to be used in traffic ‘,
it turned out that the procedure to get the cars approved was rather complicated.

Despite the positive feedback and support from the Saab community and enthusiasts , they came to a grinding halt with the Swedish authorities. The Swedish Transport Agency (Transportstyrelsen) in Sweden was not accommodating. Authorities referred to the regulations: ‘-Test cars are not allowed to be registered for use on public roads’.

‘Even though the message itself (i.e. it would be impossible to get it on the road again) was repeated all over the media, it sounded strange to me. Why would it be impossible to get one of the world’s technologically advanced and safest cars refused that privilege?’ – Michel Annink

 A long quest to find a solution to get this unique car road-legal in Sweden had finally resulted in a positive result. Like it’s twin (at least from the perspective of the last two digits in the VIN) YS3GP5MG9C4000017, Jörgen’s car got permanently registered in Germany first before receiving its approval in Sweden. This now takes the number of 2012 SCs on Swedish plates to two (the story about the first one can be found here).

Source: 9-5sc2012.com

My own personal opinion to this amazing story: To me, it’s a huge relief that the swedish authorities finally had common sense to approve these cars. And I want to salute the owners who fought so hard to get these cars road legal. You made the ‘ impossible ‘ possible once again, and I am pleased to see your passion for SAAB.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Saab is so much more than ‘just a car’..

Saab is love, a passion, a lifestyle, and no one can ever take it away from us.


And, obviously, it is proved once again that the impossible is not so impossible.