2010 Saab 9-5 photochop

Auto Motor and Sport in Sweden have posted a new photoshop CGI of what they believe is the forthcoming Saab 9-5, which will be a 2010 model year vehicle released for sale late in 2009. The illustration is from an outfit called Schulte Design, who apparently make a habit of being very close to the real thing in their renderings.
There’s a story there too, for those who read Swedish, but I’m told there’s nothing additional to what we’ve already heard. It’s basically a summary article of all the 9-5 news that AMS have collected in the last year (which has all been posted here, too).
Click to enlarge, and if you’re a Swede-reader, click through to AMS for the full story. That AMS link will also get you access to a version twice the size of the one I’ve posted here.

My thanks to Par Brandt at AMS for the tip!