More Saab sales data

European sales data for January has come out and the bad news for Saab continues. There’s no doubt that the uncertainty facing the brand, along with the eocnomic situatioin that’s facing everyone right now, is having a big effect on Saab.
The European market was down by 27% on the same month last year. That’s apparently 9 consecutive months of sales falls for Europe. The Swedish market was down 34%, the UK was down 31% and Germany, perhaps surprisingly, was down by only 14%,
As for the various carmakers, Saab sold only 2,583 vehicles in Europe during January. I’d have to go back to my sales records, but I know there are months where Saab would have sold that many in one major European market alone.
That figure represents a 55% fall for Saab, which is right in line with falls we’re seeing elsewhere for the brand.
A few of the other carmakers went as follows:
Volvo -37%
Renault -34%
Toyota -31%
Peugeot -25%
VW -19%
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