About those Saab 95/96 windows

In one of my earlier posts on Great Moments in Saab Design, I wrote about the funky windows in the Saab 95/96.
Rune visited the Saab Museum last weekend – the celebrations for Erik Carlsson’s 80th birthday. While he was there he shot a photo that will help immensely in explaining how the window works.
First, the windows as I showed them to you in the earlier entry:

These windows were “attached” at the bottom front corner. When the window is lowered, the whole window pivots on that front corner, so it comes down in a rather odd-looking fashion and lowers down into the door.
It’s hard to describe without seeing it and unfortunately I couldn’t find any video of one being lowered, but here’s a still shot from Youtube showing one that’s partially lowered.

Rune’s photo is one of a Saab 96 door in cutaway fashion and I believe it will speak for itself.
Behold: the funky Saab windows from the inside. Hopefully now it will all make sense.
Thanks Rune!