Andy Rupert reviews the Volvo XC60

Long time reader, Saab owner and Volvo salesclown, Andy Rupert, has just published a review of the Volvo XC60.
His dealership just got one into stock, so he grabbed the keys and gave it the once-over.
Naturally, he’s found the vehicle to be pretty impressive. Given that there are a few Volvo fans that pop in here from time to time, I thought a link to this review might be helpful.
It’s a good read for the Saab nuts out there, too, as the coming Saab 9-4x is going to have to be pretty well matched with this vehicle.
The review has me interested in test driving one, not that I’d ever consider one, personally. What can I say? I’m a Saab guy. Whilst I’m not a fan of the Volvo design language – inside or out – the car comes with a lot of standard kit, including a list of acronyms that’ll make your eyes pop.
Head on over to Andy’s blog and check it out.