GM Europe sales data – 2008

I just got hold of a GM Europe facts and figures document and thought this table was worthy of reproduction here.
First, who have thought that Italy would be Saab’s fourth largest market, ahead of either Germany or Spain?
Second, shouldn’t Saab be able to manage a 20% upswing in some of these markets, perhaps even just through more effective advertising? Perhaps not in 2009 due to prevailing conditions, but in any other semi-regular year?
Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Scandinavia. I reckon all of those could be significantly boosted, and will be once Saab’s new range comes on board.
I guess that’s the good thing about having a poor year as Saab did in 2008 – the only way is up!
Click to enlarge.
There’s more to come from this, including one incredible sales factoid for Saab. Stay tuned (time for me to hit the hay).
Thanks Sweeper!