Saab Design people on the move….

I just wanted to pass on a quick note I got from Djup Strupe this morning saying that Saab Styling people – which I assume equates to Saab Design – are currently moving equipment back to Trollhattan.
Saab’s design function has been based in Russelsheim for a number of years now and the move back to Trollhattan is a big step and commitment in terms of getting Saab completely centered in Sweden again.
Moving this function back to Trollhattan also means a decision-point for staff in terms of leaving a modern, purpose-built design facility to move to a location that’s probably not a modern, purpose-built design facility.
As I understand it, designers like that sort of thing.
I’m pleased to hear this though I’ll need to try and get some more info to see exactly what this will mean in terms of key design personnel.