Saab owners defending Saab – part 2

Following on from Stephen B’s letter to the editor at Wheels Magazine, I noticed this letter to the motoring scribes at The Times, in the UK, over the weekend.
The author, a Brian H, is writing in response to a recent review of the Saab 9-5 and he manages to inject a good dose of common sense into his letter.

I was sorry to read Jason Dawe’s negative and dismissive critique of the Saab 9-5 estate in your Used Car section (“In cardigan country, last week). I write as an owner.
A careful reading elicited the facts that the car is very comfortable and very safe. I suspect these would be important features for a good many drivers, but they were given little prominence. Dawe seemed to think they were outweighed by the fact that competitors had a more modern chassis.
I am not enough of a mechanic to know how this would affect performance. I doubt whether it influences the ride, for the 9-5 affords an excellent and very smooth ride.
I hope that your readers will not be dissuaded from trying out the 9-5; I think many would like it as much as I do. I should perhaps make it clear that I have no intention of selling mine.

Brian managed to sum the 9-5 up pretty well right there. All the criticisms levelled at it are about the old architecture, etc. They all overlook the same thing – that the 9-5 is one heck of a solid car that will provide all but the Stiggiest of owners a very satisfying driving experience.
Kudos to Brian H for a point well made.