Modified Saab – ay carumba!!!!

I know someone’s going to tell me off for spelling ay carumba incorrectly. I just know it. Probably Joe Lobo. And the hard part is that I know I’ve done it wrong, but I can’t just remember what the right thing is and don’t have enough will to go look it up. It’s sort of like the whole Saab UK instead of Saab GB thing, which I know annoys John at Elkparts to no end.
But I digress…….

It’s not often I get links to Swedish auction sites selling Saabs, but when I get the same link multiple times over the same weekend, I know it’s something I’ve got to see.
Words fail me:
I saw some reasonably radical modified Saabs in Sweden back in 2007. I even saw one with gullwing doors.
I’m not sure I saw anything that way out, though.
The car is based on a 1983 Saab 900 though I’m not sure how much of that original Saab sheet metal remains. There aren’t any other photos on the ad so we can’t see what other mods lie within.
I love the owner’s words in the ad:

NOTE, the car is very low!

No kidding!
This one’s for sale for 40,000 SEK, which currently translates to US$4,667 or GBP3,200.
I don’t always love the end product, but I love the passion that Saab owners put into modifying what are seen by many as very conservative automobiles.