New Opel Astra hints at next Saab 9-3??

Will Saab extend their post-ownership relationship with GM to the point of building the next Saab 9-3 on the new Delta II architecture?
Will they go it alone, or partner up with a different company?
If they choose the former, then this is most prolific car with which the next Saab 9-3 will share some DNA – new Opel Astra.
Official photos are now online. I’ve lifted this one from and there’s a gallery of images available there.
That’s a nice looking motor, that is.
It’ll come with a range of engines from a n/a 80hp treehugger unit to a 270hp OPC variant. It’s bigger than the old Astra, too, with the new dimensions taking into potential Saab 9-3 territory.
The future of the Saab 9-3 was said to include a move to making it a more compact car, thereby creating a bigger differential between it and the Saab 9-5. A move to Delta II was therefore definitely on the cards.
The proportions on this car look pretty good, so it’s a chance. The move away from GM infers that they might go another way so it’ll be interesting to see what happens.
Thanks to Albert VDB for the link and info!