Unique Saab 96 for sale

OK, so we’re getting a number of special Saabs up for sale at the moment….. and the curiosity factor is off the scale with this one!
Again, it’s on Sweden’s auction/sales site, Blocket.se
The description reads as follows:

  • totally rare Saab 96, a one off sportcoupe, early 1970, with the attractive high power sport engine and equipment, two stroke,
  • now restored and runs well, ready to drive away
  • more pictures available
  • no money-no calls!

Here’s the car:
Long nose? Short back?
How did this happen?
The car is selling for SEK87,000, which equates to around US$10,000
Here’s the car again with a regular Saab 96 for comparison. Suggestions as to how this was done are welcome.
Thanks Jacco!