Jan-Ake Jonsson – Fiat are not a party to negotiations

Jan-Ake Jonsson has come out in the Swedish press today stating that Fiat are NOT one of the parties they’ve been dealing with as a potential investor during their reconstruction process.
Here’s a translation from one of the many news sources carrying this story today:

Saab chief Jan Åke Jonsson denies that the ongoing talks with Fiat about a takeover of the kriserammede carmaker.
There are many serious buyers who will take over Saab Automobile, but Fiat is not among those who lead discussions with Nissan Saab, according to Jonsson.

Again, if Saab aren’t talking to Fiat, then why have the Sweish government been talking with Fiat about Saab?
It defies belief, to be honest.
I’m still trying to get hold of contacts at Saab Sweden, though these are very busy times.