Question: do you have an ‘other’ car and if so, what is it?

As you know, I have a “toy car” program running at the moment.
My main car is my fantastic Saab 9-3 Monte Carlo, but I’ve got interests in other brands as well and I’d like to drive as many of them as possible before the powers-that-be take my licence away for being old and rickety.
I’ve just sold my Alfa 33 16V and am poised to conclude my next purchase very soon.
I know I’m not Robinson Crusoe in having more than one car, so as a distraction from all this Fiat/Chinese/GM doom and gloom I thought a few of you could own up and share a little about the little bit you’ve got on the side.
Do you have an “other car” and if so, what is it, and what’s it for? If you had one in the past, that’s good enough, too.
You can ‘fess up in comments.