TTELA drive the 2010 Saab 9-5

If there’s a news source that’s going to have an interest in the 2010 Saab 9-5, then it’s TTELA. They’re the locals, after all. Not to be confused with The Local, which is another news source all together, but I digress……
TTELA’s Magnus Nordberg has been covering the events at Saab this year with a great level of detail and one might see it as some sort of reward that he’s finally got some seat time in the 2010 Saab 9-5.
So how did it go? It reads like it went very well, indeed!
Here are some highlights, as translated and sent in by ctm (thanks again, dude)

  • Saab has used computer simulations to larger extent rather than early prototypes.
  • The car is big – the legroom in the back seat is fantastic – but the size is not noticeable at the steering wheel. (i.e. the size does not detract from the handling – SW)
  • The car is remarkably quiet.
  • The test vehicle has a 220 bhp 2 liter engine and four-wheel drive. There will also be a 1.6 liter and a V6, but the main engine will be four cylinder.
  • It is supposed to have a “powerful grille” and the promise of “exciting solutions for the head lights”.
  • The A-pillar is black to give the impression that the windscreen wraps around the corner. It’s about the aircraft heritage and cockpit feeling. For the same reason the doors are a bit “bent”. [I have no idea what he is referring to here – ctm.]
  • 70-80% of the new 9-5 is made by Swedes. Although it shares platform with the Insignia, the two cars have different “chassis systems”.