Are Saab the biggest beneficiary of the Carpocalypse?

Consider the following:

  • Opel may end up part of a US/Canadian/Russian consortium
  • Volvo may well end up in Beijing
  • Porsche are going to need a bailout by Qatar
  • Saturn lives in name only.
  • Hummer has gone to an unknown machinery firm in China.
  • Many of Chrysler’s nameplates will disappear.
  • Pontiac is flat out dead (the last sign of life, the Vibe, was snuffed out today).

….and there’s probably more that I can’t think of as I write this.
Out of all the car companies being affected by the Carpocalypse (copyright, Jalopnik), could Saab be considered the biggest beneficiary?
It was a good article at that prompted this question.

……if Koenigsegg injects some of its own remarkable automotive insight and engineering prowess into Saab, then I truly believe we will see one of the greatest resurgences of intelligent and progressive automobile manufacturing of the 21st century.

I agree.
Of course, the big IF there is largely dependent upon Saab’s ability to turn their sales around with new models, and the Koenigsegg Group’s ability to invest in developing all-new models, particularly a new 9-3, in the future.
Saab grew an awesome reputation from the 60’s through the early 90’s, only to lose it to a large degree in the last 15 years (despite what were still some pretty good cars).
It’s not often that a company goes through that and had a chance to genuinely return to it’s geographical and technological roots.
Saab could well be the biggest automotive winner in this current crisis.