News: Some Saab discount programs to be halted

People who are currently eligible for various discount programs might want to hurry up some of their purchase plans in light of this.
This came in from a Djup Strupe US-based dealer.

It’s just been announced this morning that starting July 1st, Saabs (and Hummers and Saturns) in the U.S. will no longer be eligible for the GM supplier discount as offered through the Military, College grad, and Credit Union member discount programs, so anybody who has been on the fence about one who may qualify (is an active member of a U.S. armed services branch, is a member of a credit union, or is a recent college graduate) should probably snap one up while they still get the discounts.

I assume it will mainly effect US customers. If you think you might be cut off, best to check with your Saab dealer and make sure. It sounds like you’ve got 24 hours.
GM are our friends, aren’t they?