Saab 9-3 sketches – lookin good!

Saaburban dropped a link to these in comments and they looked so good I thought it a good idea to bring them to the front page.
These are not official, nor are they likely related to Saab in any way. They look like part of a designer’s portfolio. But they’re quite attractive from the front and back (personally, I’m not so sure about the side profile).
The designer’s name is Mark Johnson. It looks like he trained in Germany but either he’s originally from, or currently living in my old home town in Melbourne, Australia.
You might remember that in the initial stages of Saab’s sale process, they had potential bidders visit the factory and attend a presentation in a room of the Saab Museum that was fitted out as a “showroom of the future”. That showroom included the 9-4x, 9-3x and the 2010 Saab 9-5 – and a preliminary proposal of the next Saab 9-3.
I hope that model looked as good as this one does. And I hope the new owner can bring it soon.
Thanks Saaburban!