Saab 9-5 update – how you like me now?

These photos popped up on my Flickr feed and when I saw them I was filled with a wave of premature nostalgia and admiration for the tough-little-re-design-that-could.
I can remember when we got the first spyshots of the re-designed Saab 9-5. It’s fair to say that it didn’t receive a warm reception and was quickly nicknamed the Dame Edna model, for obvious reasons. Whilst that name started as an un-complimentary descriptor, it has since taked on a more endearing nature (much like Dame Edna her/himself).
Time has passed and my own opinion on the re-design has changed. There are only a few of these 9-5s here in Hobart, but I always take a second look and smile when I see it.
I think I owe Simon Padian and the Saab design crew an apology when it comes to the 9-5. I know that somewhere along the line I was probably pretty harsh about it.
Truth is, though, like many Saab designs, it looks a little odd at first and then works its way under your skin. It’s certainly done so with me.
I like some colors better than others, but there’s no doubt that in my own mind, this Dame Edna 9-5 will be somewhat of a forgotten classic for Saab.