2010 Saab 9-5 – full frontal!!

These just in from EduSaab and Tiago.
It seems there are some 9-5’s testing in Spain at the moment…..
From Sobrecoches.com and cochespias.net
Some passing info from the guy who took the shots at cochespias – he wasn’t sure what sort of engine was in the car, but apparently it made no sound that he could hear and could well have been a hybrid.

Personally, whilst I know that Saab are probably working on hybrid technology, I don’t think it would have been installed in one of these bodies. Remember, there’s no factory making 9-5 bodies on a production line. All these 9-5 mules would have been hand made and I think Saab would have confined them to production-level cars with production engines at this point. That’s just my thought on the hybrid thing.