Random acts of Saabness

Emailed from several people: link here

A driverless black Saab hatchback crossed Bridgeway in Sausalito and ended up just shy of the bay before 3 p.m. Tuesday. Witnesses said the driver may have left the car in gear while speaking with the valet attendant at a parking lot. No injuries were reported.

Safety on display
And this one came in from a friend at Saab Australia….

Owner travelling south on Brisbane freeway, slowed for traffic to a crawling pace.
Then, an 8 Tonne Pan-Teck truck towing a caravan runs up the back at no less than 80Km/h!!!
The owner got out of passenger front door & closed the door behind him.
Look at right front of picture, you’ll see the boot spoiler on the road………….

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9000 Aero Crash.jpg