Before the Saab Aero-X……

Saab designed and built the Aero-X concept car in just 12 months. It all started very early in 2005 and was shown at the Geneva show early in 2006.
I believe these sketches are from very early that process, maybe even earlier. They’ve come from a Djup Strupe well placed to know.
Click to enlarge…..
This is obviously not a car that’s going into production in any way, but it seems to be a good insight into what sort of things were going through the designers’ minds at the time.
The sketch above, for example, shows the car as being a mid-engined V8 – quite a step from the traditional Saab layout.
The other interesting thing about this concept sketch is the side profile. This is obviously a Saab from the front, but those side views almost show a hint of Koenigsegg, don’t you think?
My thanks to Djup Strupe for passing along this insight into the designer’s mind. It’s a very exciting glimpse.
Personally, I wouldn’t be opposed if they tidied up the front and brought this baby to life!