Brown Saab?

The more I see this…..
2010 Saab 9-5
…..the more I can’t help but wonder what it would look like in a rich, silvery, dark, velvety metallic brown chocolate color. OK, let’s call it brown.
Now, I know brown isn’t generally considered as color #1 for cars, but I was watching one of my favourite shows the other day and they had a very un-sophisticated looking brown on a Mercedes SL convertible, and there was just something about it.
When it’s done right, there’s something luxurious about a nice, rich brown color. Especially when combined with the right interior. I don’t think a solid, flat cocoa color is the one. I’m thinking of a something that looks sparkling and very indulgent.
Maybe a shade similar to this:
Imagine the 2010 9-5 in a similar color, with nice chrome highlights and a black interior. That sounds like a classy ride to me.
I went looking for both brown cars and brown Saabs as part of this post using Google Images and was surprised to see there was a Brown Car Blog. Postscript – And funnily enough, it’s run by a guy here in Oz, who I’ve come to know just a little through SU. He has a slightly deceased Saab 99EMS at the moment and one of his mates owns my old red Saab 99T.
The internet is a surprising (and small) place sometimes…..
The brown Saabs, only a few of which I’d truly call ‘pretty’ when speaking of the color:
StevesSaab 002.jpg