Do you do the Saab wave?

Something happened to me yesterday that hasn’t happened in a long time – I was the recipient of a Saab wave!
I was driving up my own street in my Monte Carlo when a dark blue Saab 9-5 came towards me. When we were about three or four car lengths apart, the driver’s hand came up and there it was – a Saab wave.
I’m almost embarassed to say it, but I haven’t been a Saab waver for some time. I was so surprised to see the wave directed at me that my return wave happened when the 9-5 was level with me. I doubt the other driver would have seen it.
As mentioned, I don’t routinely do the wave and haven’t seen it for some time. It seems to me that the wave was reserved for the older Saabs – dare I say the more distinctive and instantly recognisable Saabs.
This latest episode has inspired me a little, however. I’m going to start waving again. In fact, I’m going to count waves, count responses and report them here on site for a little while.
The wave was always one of those endearing things about driving a Saab. That it’s faded from my experience is a little sad.
Is it alive and well where you live?
I imagine for the Swedes the answer would be no as everyone would have RSI if it were a common thing there.