IntSaab 2009 photos are online

Our mate Etienne, who runs the Saabhuy weblog from Belgium, has posted some great shots from IntSaab 2009, which was held over the weekend in Doesberg, Netherlands.
I’m sure there will be some IntSaab stories come online from various sources in the next week or so.
There are snaps at both his Flickr and Picasa accounts.
Here’s a sample, from Flickr….
And one from Picasa. The Sonett is well known for it’s varied color palette, however I think you’ll agree they also look quite fetching in basic black!
Etienne wasn’t there alone, of course. His partner-in-blogging and owner of the most elegant Saab convertible of all time, Golfhunter, was there as well.
Being French, he has an eye for the ladies, as long as they’re wearing distinctive clips in their hair.
Golfhunter has some excellent shots, here.