Good pictures help to sell cars

As you may know, I’m currently selling my Mazda MX-5 in order to fund the restoration of a Saab 99Turbo I’ve agreed to purchase.
I’ve written before about my belief that good photos have a significant part to play in getting your online advertisement noticed. Today, I received some stats on my current online ad that lend a lot of credibility to that theory.
When I first advertised my MX-5, I only had a handful of rushed pictures that I wasn’t really happy with. The weather had not been kind and combine that with the hardtop being off the car for a partial respray, good photo opportunities were minimal.
I eventually got some good shots, however, and I added these to the advertisement last Saturday.
Mazda MX-5
That’s now the lead photo on the ad, and whilst there might be too much blue there, etc etc, it’s still a striking pattern in the background and it’s a picture that draws the eye.
As mentioned above, I got my weekly email from this morning, which shows some stats on how many people have viewed the ad each day for the last week.
I think the point at which the new photos went up should be self-explanatory. Click to enlarge.
As you can see, the number of people clicking through from the MX5 page to read the full advertisement has almost doubled. That hasn’t necessarily translated into a whole heap of phone calls or a sale at this point, but it’s definitely increased my chances.
My tip if you’re selling a car – find some local spots that will catch the eye and still showcase the car.
What really sells a car is a combination of the vehicle itself, it’s condition, and the price you ask for it.
But before you get to that, people have got to know it’s for sale. In a situation where you’re advertising online and people will glance at thumbnail images to decide which ads to look at, some striking shots wil go a long way to maximising your chances.