Saab 9-5 problems – help wanted

I received an email from ‘John’ and he’s seeking some help with problems recently encountered with his 2003 Saab 9-5 Linear 2.3t
As you know, I’m a mechanical dimwit, so at his request, I’m passing this on as an article in the hope that some people with similar experience might be able to assist.
John writes:

Hello Swade!
I’ve been a reader of SU/TS for a while now and had a question for the SU community.
I have a 2003 9-5 linear(2.3t), and love it to death! but it has 70K miles on it and this past summer I had a bunch of different things go wrong with it and was wondering it was just a fluke, or if 9-5s are known for having all these problems.

  • I had an electronic throttle go out
  • car burns oil out tailpipe on cold starts (Saab dealer and I believe its the turbo)
  • coolant valve burst
  • crankcase ventilation hose repairs

Any comments or advise you and the SU community have for me would be GREATLY appreciated!!

Comments are open…..