Could a retro Saab 9-1 work?

I received a link from WooDz about this car today:
What you’re looking at here is NOT a Mk II Jaguar, it’s called a Mitsuoka. It’s made as a city car by a company in Japan, using a Jag-inspired body on top of the bones of a Nissan Micra.
There are 4 seats, a top-line trim featuring faux-woodgrain and three engine options from 1.2 litres to 1.5 litres (90hp to 109hp).
When I first saw this, I wrote back to WooDz stating that I thought it quote unholy. If I were a Jag owner (I am a Jag appreciator but there’s only so much heartache I can bear) and someone on my street owned one of these, I think I’d be feeling ripped off a little.
But that’s just me and I know that I can be a bit snobby with such things.
WooDz is much more open and if I put my own snobbery aside, then I can allow myself to see the merit in his madness.
Saab have such a unique history of car design, it really would be cool if they could revive an older model in a modern way. Most of us, when we think of a Saab model revival, think straight away about the Saab 900. That would indeed be quite cool, but it’d be a bit big for the intended purpose in this instance.
WooDz is going back. Waaaaaay back.
His idea is that perhaps Saab could partner up with some people to build a small city car based on one of their own previous small car designs – the Saab 92. You can’t go back much further than that!
Custom Saab 92
I’ve deliberately chosen a Saab 92 image where the car’s been done up a little already as it might give you a better idea of a contemporary version of the car.
Saab would love to do a small car in the future, and Saab’s future is going to be all about partnerships. WooDz has picked up on the fact that Ford are going to be releasing a wider Ecoboost engine range in the future, including turbocharged engines as small as just 2 or 3 cylinders.
I think Ford are situated pretty well for turbo engineering right now, but who knows? Maybe Saab can partner up with them on the development of those engines.
A small, nimble Saab 9-1 based on the original design of the Saab 92 and carrying a two or three cylinder turbo (instead of a two or three cylinder 2-stroker like the old Saab 92 and 93) would make for a very interesting throwback city car.
It feels unholy when I think of a Jag design based on a Micra frame. But a Saab based on something decent with a good little turbo?
Colour me interested.