Hey Saab: Get hip with a Chrome theme!

Here’s a quick way for Saab to get hip and indulge their clients a little: create a theme for the Google Chrome browser.
I’ve used Chrome a little on my HP laptop and it was a good experience. I’ll definitely try it again when they get a version up for the Mac. A small but growing number of readers here are using Chrome as well. It’s only 3.6% for the last 30 days, but that’s up from just over 3% midyear and growing steadily.
I’m not sure how one creates a theme for Chrome, or where to upload it, but it looks like little more than finding, formatting, sizing and uploading a good image.
Eggs forwarded me a screenshot of his desktop, which has a Chrome theme uploaded by Porsche Cars USA. If they can do it, Saab can do it, too.
Click to enlarge.
chrome porsche.jpg
That’ll be about 10 minutes work for a poor designer.
C’mon Saab. We all like desktop wallpapers. How about some browser customisation as well?