Saab 9-3x: Take a look

I recently drove a Saab 9-3x during my few days in Trollhattan and I was more than happy to write a positive review about it here on Saabs United. I was really impressed with the total package, which Saab have executed really well.
Saab 9-3x
Like I say with every car, though, you’ve got to see it for yourself to really appreciate it.
That’s why I was really happy to get this email from the guy who’s known around here as ‘Till72’

I visited my dealer to get my winter tires and took a look at the 9-3x. I wasn’t too excited about that car because I had the 9-3SC for two years and thought I knew that car. But somehow I was struck by the 9-3x he had there. It was jetblack with some nice gadgets… Now I think I see why you were so positive about that car. Everything fits. And I didn’t even drive it… Too bad there is no XWD with the TTiD because then it would definitely be my next one.

Too bad, indeed.
But I think there’ll be enough people to take the offerings that Saab can make – IF they get to see it.
The Saab 9-3x has started hitting dealer showrooms in various markets, though obviously in low numbers as Saab’s production schedule has been pretty light for most of this year.
I hope you get to see one soon, or maybe even drive one. It really is a great vehicle.
By they way….
I’ve seen them in red and I’ve driven one in white – but Jet Black. My curiosity is piqued.