Saab 99 electric postal van

Back when I took you on a tour out the back of the Saab Museum, I showed you just a corner of the Saab 99 that was converted back in the 1970’s into an electric vehicle, for use by the Swedish postal service (Addendum: Or was it? See comments).
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Saab Museum
It was an experiment and the fact that it didn’t continue would indicate that it wasn’t a successful one (in terms of getting a long-term electric vehicle solution, at least). But the car’s presence in the museum indicates that it was considered notable enough to preserve.
That corner doesn’t give you a great look at the car and searching the web tends to produce few photos and those in black and white.
Mattias O has been kind enough to send me a full colour photo that will give you a much better idea of how the vehicle looks.
EV Postal.jpg
I wonder how often it gets out into the museum? And also if it still works?