Bilsport get their retro on – Saab 92

I believe these have cropped up in the latest print edition of Bilsport magazine in Sweden and they’ve been scanned and posted online by a forum member from one of the Saab boards in Sweden. Kudos to you, sir.
It’s Bilsport’s vision of what Koenigsegg/Saab could do to make a smaller Saab in the future and by the rally livery on one of the illustrations, you can see that they’re intending this to be a truly sporting Saab just like they were some time ago.
Can I just say the word – YES!!!!!
Click to enlarge.

I know many of you are against the idea of any retro designs. Call me an old fossil, but I reckon that if they could do something like this with the body and have it meet all the required safety regs, then it’d be a no-brainer for me.
I’d buy one. I’d mortgage my house to buy a smaller Saab if it were styled similar to this.
Bilsport – hats off!
Saab – I’ll take one in pearly white just like the one above, please.