New SCNA website – featuring 2010 SOC

Before SCNA stood for Saab Cars of North America, it was (and still is) the acronym for the Saab Club of North America.
The SCNA has a new-look website online and it’s looking pretty good. Those of you who haven’t checked it out yet might want to do so here.

They’ve got a link there to some groovy Saab wallpapers, put together by a guy named Roy Chui. Great work.
I love Saab wallpapers 🙂

Most importantly, they’ve also got some preliminary information on the 2010 Saab Owners Convention, which will be held in Aurora, Ohio from July 22-25th, 2010.
This will be the first post-GM convention and I’m sure the new Saab 9-5 will play a prominent role.
Early details are available at the Saab Convention website.