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This has mentioned a few times in comments, but merits a mention here on the front page as well. – a website setup by SU sponsors MobilForum Dresden back when Saab first faced separation from GM – has a plan to make a huge mosaic made up of photos submitted by Saab owners.

…..we still believe SAAB should and could be rescued – let’s send another signal to Detroit, Trollhattan and the world. Mail us your picture to [email protected], and we will build a huge mosaic image showing how many faces stand behind the idea.

So get your pics in and be part of the support.
Again, mail you photo to [email protected]
I don’t have many photos with me in them, so i’ll probably have to send this one in front of a Saab I’d like to drive one day.
Bear with a sore head
OK, maybe not 🙂
Photo by Turbin.