We love happy endings. Mo’s Saab 9-3 fixed.

A few weeks ago I told you about a rear-ender that happened with one of our regular here at SU, a guy in Houston called Mo.
This is the long range shot, but the damage was a little more extensive than it looks here, with some curvature appearing in the C-pillar.
Saab accident
The initial good news out of all that was that Saab’s SAHR (active head restraint) system worked perfectly and Mo’s suffered no ill-effects since then.
$4,000 worth of work later, and in what must be almost record time for an insurer and repairer situation, Mo’s got the car back in 100% repaired condition. The C-pillar warping was cosmetic only, so there was no lasting damage and everything’s back and working fine. The other party’s insurance covered the whole lot.
Mo decided to celebrate a little with the prancing moose decal.
It’s always good to hear of a positive outcome in situations like this.
Enjoy the driving, Mo.