And then there were two – Florida based group out

UPDATE: Just received an email from someone saying they know the group, and that the group is still in.
Given that I don’t know the group or this emailer, but that I know Djup Strupe very well, I’ll stick to my original story, but just keeping you in the loop…..
Just in from Djup Strupe….
News that the Florida-based group who were looking to bid on Saab Automobile are now out of the running.
Whilst I’ve had a couple of leads, I’m still not 100% on who they are, but the word from Djup Strupe is that they’ve now left the room. There may be a news story about this on one of the major news services shortly.
So we’re back to Spyker and Merbanco/Sason*
And a photo from Flickr to keep people smiling……
I know some people are wondering why it’s so quiet around here lately.
1) I’m knackered.
2) Every morning there’s around 200 emails to get through. Great tips, but a productivity killer. Again, please don’t be offended if I can’t get back to you, but there’s just so much going on right now.

* Sason is just me name for the Swedish Consortium. it’s not totally irrelevant, but the main reason for calling them ‘Sason’ is that it’s a heck of a lot quicker to type than ‘Swedish Consortium’