Friday (Saturday) Flickr Run

Enthusiasm for our automotive marque still abounds! Some special Saabs in this harvest of photos from the far reaches of the internet.
First, Anti, the Saab-modding Estonian, has posted a few new photos of his Saab 9-00 pickup. Anti’s a familiar face to many of us at SaabsUnited. Great work, sir!


All of Anti’s photos are on Flickr.
I’m sure to find many that will disagree, but I like this modified Saab 92b. I wouldn’t have gone with bright chrome for the wheels, perhaps, but I like it anyway.


Here’s a trio of classic Saab 900’s captured in an unusual setting in my hometown of Nashville, Tennessee at the Lane Motor Museum. That’s the LARC-LX in the background. One of the largest vehicles ever produced, the amphibious LARC has a diesel engine dedicated to each wheel. See it crush an NSU 1000 after the jump.


It’s from Powar. (He’s also got a nice-looking 99 here.)
Finally, an enthusiast has posted his photos from the Saab Owners Club 2009 gathering
at Copper Mountain, Colorado this past summer
. I’ve chosen this one for Swade…