Hagglund – GM should nominate buyer for Saab this week

Sweden’s Saab Czar, Jöran Hägglund has come out with a quotable theory today, claiming that GM should make up their mind on a preferred bidder for Saab by the end of this week.

The article appears in svd.se and here’s your Googletrans:

“If GM is serious about the success of a sale, it is important that they quickly decide. This week, they probably have chosen one of the stakeholders – otherwise it will be difficult to conduct a business in this short time, “said Joran Hagglund, who now works full-time affair with Saab.

Even if sales do not need to be ready before the year end as a potential buyer must be reviewed and that takes time.

Sub-GM has lots of contracts to negotiate, and the EIB and the Debt Office will conduct a thorough economic analysis of the purchaser and its financial strength. Time flies, “said Joran Hagglund.

And some info from GM as well:

“Our board has said it will evaluate potential buyers this month and make a statement before the year end, says press officer Chris Preuss.

So the process can proceed early next year?

-Yes, if there is a pronounced buyers who have financial stability to push through the deal as soon as possible.

GM will give financial help to Saab during that time?

– Yes, we will continue to drive Saab during that time. But I think that a right decision on the Saab will come very soon.

It’s good to get that assurance on continued funding if a viable buyer is identified.

Whilst I’d welcome GM naming a prospective buyer this week, my hope is that they explore all the options and find the right buyer.


With thanks to Dan in comments.