Rescue-Saab mosaic to show at Saab factory

Just in case you missed it in comments, I can confirm here that the Rescue-Saab mosaic image will be beamed onto the factory walls at Saab in Trollhattan.
Saab mosaic
Hopefully some photos will eventuate for publication.
Confirmation came through to the Rescue-Saab people earlier today. Whilst the Rescue-Saab team put the image together, one of the main drivers behind getting it projected at Saab is a guy known in the comments section here as ‘ralf22’.
It should also be mentioned that the drivers behind the whole Rescue-Saab effort are the people at Mobil-Forum, Dresden – a Saab dealer in Germany and a sponsor of Saabs United for the last 12 months or so.
Kudos to everyone involved. The Saab spirit is alive and well!!