Images and video from the weekend’s Saab Support Convoys.

Just a quick few links to some of the weekend’s convoy activity.
Sorry if I’ve missed yours, but it’s been a busy, busy day.
Please feel free to add it in comments.
Always remember there’s a global pool of SSC images on Flickr.
Remdu67 has a nice gallery of images from the French SSC in Paris.
Luc de Schepper also has a beautiful gallery of images from the Dutch convoy and if this doesn’t make you want a Sonett II then nothing will.
This could well be the most photographed car of the Parisian convoy on the weekend. From a gallery by DiscoStu1979.
Chad T has a gallery of images from the Minneapolis event here.
Brian’s Flickr set of images from Washington. There’s a set from Blix, too.
And finally, some video from Paris.