Ny Teknik want to know – what do you want in a Saab?

Swedish tech-mag, Ny Teknik, have published an article seeking to get feedback from Saab fans as to what they think a future Saab should include.
I wrote a little thought piece of my own a week or so ago, asking for a stripped out basic car that’s engaging and fun to drive – man and machine.
Some of you chimed in there, but you might want to answer some of Ny Teknik’s questions as well.

General Motors has owned Saab since 1989 and Saab cars have become more and more GM-like.
Now approaches a new era. Under new owners Spyker Saab will be rolled into the new songs and probably get a different profile than what Saab has today.
Even today begins Saab’s engineers to sketch the future Saab models.
Ny Teknik helps you to make your voice heard and say what you want your next Saab to look like.
What should characterize a Saab?
What characteristics should it have?
What should it look like?
What engine should it have?
Should it be electric?

If you feel like answering all these and more, then click here and let Ny Teknik know what you think.
They’re a big mag in Sweden, so the outcome of this exercise should be interesting for Saab’s home market.