Saab Support Convoy – Brookline MA

I’ve got notices about 5 or 6 new convoys in Europe to post later on, but I figured I better get this one up whilst the US is still awake.
There is another convoy taking place in Brookline, Massachusetts this weekend.

As you may be aware, the future of the SAAB Automobile brand is in question. GM is going to sell the brand, or destroy it. Several companies have placed offers to GM to purchase the brand, and those offers are now in review…..
…..Join us in supporting SAAB at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum. All are welcome. The Museum will be open to visitors, and will provide plenty of On-Site parking.
Griffin Up!

The Facebook Page for the event is here.
Thanks to the guys at Driven Perfection, a car detailing business associated with Shaw Saab, for putting this together.