Saab Support Convoy Netherlands is underway

UPDATE: Live video streaming from the Dutch convoy!
I’ve received some images and stories already from people attending the Dutch Saab Support Convoy. This involves almost 600 cars and is a remarkable relationship between the Dutch people and Saab cars.
Photos from J.J.A.P
Waiting in line. This convoy along has more than 60 cars in it and there are a bunch of these convoys leaving from different places, all converging on the aircraft museum in Soesterberg:
Parking at the museum
UPDATE – New shot. Just a few of the cars in attendance.
UPDATE II – Another carpark shot. This is around 30% of this group, and this is just one of the half-dozen groups that’ll be converging to form the main convoy!
Dutch SSC1.jpg
The Dutch have planned everything, event the parking arrangements.
As you can see, there’ll be a little turbo fan in the middle as well as a Swedish flag made up of parked cars.
I’ve got to say, sitting here on a summer’s night in Australia, all of you European types who come out to do this today and truly hardcore. I can’t imagine being in those conditions, let along going out for a big long drive in them.
Then again, the drive is easier in a Saab.