Saab Support Convoy Preparations……

Here’s a few of things people are doing to prepare to the Saab Support Convoys over the next 24 hours or so.
220+ cars expected in Poland and now over 200 cars expected in Hungary!
The Dutch Saab Support Convoy will have at least one example of almost every different Saab model ever sold, with the only exception being the Saab 9-2x.
One of the guys managed to borrow this Saab 9-7x from a local dealer, who thought he’d include a message along with the car:
Mike 900 has made up CD of David Blumberg’s Griffin Up! which he’ll have playing load on repeat.
David’s set up a website for the song, by the way, so you can download it here.
AussieLars has the Viggen all shined up for his run in Brisbane this morning, and Mrs AussieLars has the sign at the ready.
My mate J