Saab Support Convoys of One

It’s very encouraging to see the solidarity of people who wanted to be part of a Saab Support Convoy, but for whatever reasons couldn’t do so.
Count me as one of them, actually.
There aren’t many Saabs in Saudi Arabia, so for Motasim, a convoy of one seemed the only choice.
Griffin Up in Saudi!
A guy we know around here as “100% Saab” got some signage out and went to keep some lonely Saabs on the local lot company in Lubbock, Texas.
And finally, a friend named Hashoo applied some Save Saab livery to his 9-3 Sportcombi in Bucharest, Romania.
I’m sure there are a great deal more of us who wish we could have been part of the Saab Support Convoys. I’m one of those people.
Unfortunately, I don’t have the resources to post everyone’s shot, so whilst we can definitely acknowledge what I’m sure would be many many convoys-of-one out there, please refrain from sending in your images.