Spyker infiltrating the Saab Museum?

Upon reeflection, that’s got to be just about the worst headline I’ve ever written. Stupid.
Should have been Djup Strupe: Spyker Arrives at Saab Museum.
We will need to see some documented evidence on this one – just as a matter of procedure – but the email and the accompanying comment here on the site was very interesting.
Via email, from ‘Swedish Grace’

Was just on the phone with my dad, who had very interesting news! A Spyker car has been delivered to the SAAB museum in Trollhattan!

Grace (not her real name, obviously) tells me her Dad works for Saab in Trollhattan, hence the news coming from him.
You might recall that several important events in the last year have been conducted at the Saab Museum and it’d make sense that an important announcement like this one would take place there, too.
Of course, a nice combination of Saab and Spyker vehicles in the background would be very appropriate.
Bottom line – Can’t confirm, but sounds feasible and sounds good.
Griffin Up!