The $1 Saab story

I’m getting email from all over the place about this. Thanks AFP.
1buckSaabstory.JPG This is how the story is appearing in The Age newspaper (Melbourne, Aust) but I know similar articles are doing the rounds all over the web at the moment (at Fox News, for example).
None of them actually cite a source for this. It’s all based on rumour or reports by someone else (who conveniently remain un-cited).
The Age:

A consortium led by Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone is reportedly about to offer General Motors $1 for its struggling Swedish brand Saab.

Fox News:

Amid rumors that Swedish car maker Saab could be sold for a nominal $1, Swedish businessman Lars Carlstrom told Dow Jones Newswires Wednesday that his consortium will submit a revised offer for the company.

What’s that revised offer going to be? $1.50?
Look, as far as I can tell, this has all been started by a quip by Bard Eker in Europe a week or so ago and it’s gone viral from there.
Write a story about buying a car company for a dollar and people will click. Throw in the name of Bernie Ecclestone and people will click more.
The deal is in the vicinity of $400million, as quoted by Bloomberg earlier in the week. What remains to be sorted is how that price is paid and under what conditions.
That’s where we’re at right now.