Thursday Night Snippets

Gary McConnell is the guy who designed and offered up the yellow Saab Support Convoy banners that everyone displayed with such pride on their vehicles last weekend.
I’ve heard that he’s also doing some up for the NYC convoy this coming weekend, as well as preparing commemorative calendars and “We Were There” badges that people will be able access.
Gary, you deserve a big round of applause, mate.
His stuff is here.
There’s a fantastic, albeit small, gallery of images from the Dutch SSC here. The reason it’s both fantastic and small is because the photographer shot with film.
Remember film?
Saab’s suppliers gathered in Trollhattan a few days ago to demand some answers from General Motors about the future of the company.
If you find anything out, lads, please let us know 🙂
Genii’s Lars Carlstrom’s article in Dagens Industri yesterday drew a lot of support.
DI did a follow up article later in the day, citing 245 comments and most of those in support of Carlstrom’s view that Saab have been poorly supported in the press and the public arena.

“Bulls-eye,” says one reader, while others agree and think that Carlstr