20% off Maptun software – this week only

I thought I’d give this one more run before the weekend….
Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a special Saabs United discount in the house!!
The folks at Maptun were so pleased with the little Maptuner video I made the other day and the subsequent discussion around it that they’ve offered us a special discount.
For this week only, Saabs United readers can claim a 20% discount on any Maptun software upgrade.
What it covers:

  • All Maptun software upgrades, whether it be diesel, Trionic 5, Trionic 7 or higher.
  • Maptuners will be included where appropriate (diesel and T5 cars do an ECU exchange, all others get a Maptuner)
  • Only available for orders placed directly at the Maptun website. Not applicable for agents.

What it doesn’t cover:

  • Shipping
  • Parts (you get the software at a discount, but if you also want an exhaust, air cleaner, etc, then those are at normal price)

How you get the discount:
When you place an order, there is a ‘message’ area as part of the order form. Simply write Saabs United in the ‘message’ area and they’ll apply your discount when they process your order.
Who is elegible?

  • Anyone who orders a software upgrade before midnight GMT on Sunday 7th February, 2010.
  • Anyone who’s ordered one earlier in the week (since I published the video) can contact Maptun and ask for the Saabs United discount on their software too.

A 20% discount is a generous offering and I’d like to thank Maptun for extending this offer to Saabs United readers.
Here’s the video again for those who missed it.