Saab Support Convoys – Tokyo and Kanazawa, Japan – DONE!

Still more reports from Saab Support Convoys are filtering through. I think we might almost be at a stage where we can do a final tally of vehicles.
And just quietly, I believe we might see photos from some of the convoys on a larger stage some time soon :-). Stay tuned.
I’ve already provided a few photos from the Saab Support Convoy in Nagoya, Japan. There were two more convoys held in Japan this month, however, so it’s time to recognise those events here.
There were 22 Saabs and 26 people present at the Tokyo SSC, which was held on February 7th.
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Around half a dozen vehicles and 11 hardy souls joined in the Kanazawa gathering, meeting in much harsher conditions than their counterparts in Tokyo, it seems.
Congratulations to all for joining in the celebrations!!
My thanks to Hiroki M for the images and information.