Time to look for a 9-5?

Look at the first picture below. That’s our car, which wouldn’t start again after we went to a local grocery store.
Of course, because we were at the local grocery store, I had the inglorious task of walking home.
Up this hill…..
And walking up that hill makes me feel like this….
It seems we may be entering that place-where-things-go-wrong. You know, a car gets to a certain age where things just seem to happen.
We service it regularly, but it’s got a perpetually noisy transmission and now things are starting to break. This is the second time this particular breakdown issue has happened in the last 2 weeks (I believe it’s a dodgy fuel pump but last time it just worked again the next morning).
The car is now of such little value on the 2nd hand market here that any large repair could easily cost more than the car’s worth.
It sounds like I’m talking myself into this, doesn’t it?